‘Midsummer’ in Midwinter

Chris gives a “tight five” intro to the comedy about fairies, lovers, and community theater actors


This winter Chris gets to try out a new job with the Shakespeare Project of Chicago. For the first time, he will serve as the production dramaturg, for A Midsummer Night’s Dream; he also takes on the text coaching for the beloved comedy.

As dramaturg, Chris will give the introduction to the performance, giving audiences historical tidbits as well as helping them understand the different factions involved — and how differently they express themselves. (“Magic” speak, anyone?)

The production is directed by Chris’s sometime co-star at Signal Ensemble Theatre, Melanie Keller.

You can catch Chris’s “tight five” Feb. 15–21 at eight Chicagoland venues.

Visit www.shakespeareprojectchicago.org for the particulars.