‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ for Shakes Project

Four lords forswear the sight of women, but which one will break first?


And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods
Makes heaven drowsy with the harmony

Chris returns this spring to the Shakespeare Project of Chicago for its theatrical reading production of Shakespeare‘s comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost.

The production marks Chris’s first crack at this play, where he’ll read the witty lord Berowne opposite Amanda Tanguay as Rosaline, Brian Gill as the King of Navarre, and Lydia Berger Gray as the Princess of France.

Barbara Zahora directs a cast that also includes Brynne Barnard, José Antonio Garcia as Don Armado, Peter Garino as Boyet, Jack Hickey as Holofernes, Peter Eli Johnson, Rob MacLean, Kim Richard Mowrey, David Skidmore, Grace Smith, and Tristien Winfree.

Music and sound design is by George Zahora.

Love’s Labour’s runs May 5–9 at six Chicagoland venues. Admission is free. Visit shakespeareprojectchicago.org for more info.

Image courtesy The Shakespeare Project of Chicago.